Neuronostics User Group workshop

Professor Rohit Shankar (L), Professor John Terry (R) who will be introducing the NIHR funded projects

On Monday 25th January, we’re holding a workshop (3.30-5pm) to introduce Neuronostics’ technology, and our new NIHR funded projects: working alongside Professor Rohit Shankar to develop decision support tools and at home monitoring of epilepsy. There is more information on the funded projects here. We would like to involve the clinicians who will ultimately be using this tool – to help contribute to its design and functionality. This would include neurologists, neurophysiologists, epilepsy specialist nurses and electrophysiologists.

To sign up to attend, please complete your details on this form. We would encourage you to share this event with your professional network.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Chrissie Walker,