At Neuronostics we work in partnership with specialist healthcare professionals, researchers, charities and other industry partners. Perhaps most importantly, those with lived experience of neurological conditions themselves!

We are always open to building new relationships as we work towards our mission: enabling fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment for all.

Academic Partners

Neuronostics has a thriving Research & Development section. Led by our co-founders Dr Wessel Woldman and Professor John Terry, we are interested in partnering with academic researchers whose interests span neuroscience and neurology. We have a rapidly growing team with mathematical, data science and clinical expertise. In addition to the scientific excellence of our team, we can offer access to unique data and state-of-the-art computer facilities. We have a growing database of more than 1000 expertly curated datasets from people with epilepsy, as well as those with differential diagnoses. We also have a very strong track-record of securing grant-in-aid funding from Innovate UK and the NIHR. Contact us at to find out more about academic partnerships.

Clinical Partners

We are interested in developing our decision support tools for a variety of neurological conditions. Our first clinical indication #BioEP (Biomarker of Epilepsy) already powers a CE marked clinical decision support system. We are now moving into new areas and are excited to hear from clinical partners with interests in traumatic brain injury and dementia, as well as epilepsy.  Contact us at to find out more about clinical partnerships.

Commercial Partners

Neuronostics is interested in receiving partnership enquiries from EEG hardware manufacturers, as well as companies providing digital EEG analysis. We are expanding into Europe and North America, and especially welcome enquiries from these areas. There may be opportunities to incorporate #BioEP as a companion diagnostic and prognostic tool, or to incorporate our patented technologies within existing EEG hardware and software products. Contact us at to find out more about commercial partnerships.


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