New Chief Medical Officer and Research Scientist roles at Neuronostics *HIRING NOW*


At Neuronostics, we develop software to achieve our mission of revolutionising the way neurological conditions are diagnosed, treated and monitored. To drive this forward we are recruiting two key roles as we continue to improve existing products and expand into new indications.

Chief Medical Officer

As our chief medical officer, you will be a practising neurologist or consultant neurophysiologist with a strong interest in how new technologies can be developed and deployed in healthcare settings. You will be motivated by a desire to optimise diagnosis and management of neurological conditions. With a strong understanding of epilepsy and differential conditions, you will additionally lead the company’s journey into other neurological conditions such as traumatic brain injury and dementia. You will have a strong clinical network and be comfortable negotiating with key stakeholders. We envisage you continuing to hold a role within the NHS or another private healthcare provider.

Chief Medical Officer at Neuronostics Limited (

Research Scientist / Senior Research Scientist

As a research scientist you will ensure our technologies are developed with a deep and thorough understanding of data from both clinical devices and wearable tech. Working within our scientific team, you will work closely with our technical, regulatory and clinical teams to add value to the company through your knowledge directly impacting the performance of our existing clinical decision support systems and home monitoring tools for epilepsy. As well as epilepsy, we are now developing tools for other neurological conditions including traumatic brain injury (TBI). You will work on a range of projects including algorithm and model development, data analytics and data visualisation. You will work very closely with stakeholders to ensure our research is presented elegantly in a manner that is fit for purpose. You will understand the need for our products to be appropriately regulated and ensure that code we develop is compliant with all relevant regulations. You will contribute to designing new studies and identifying new market opportunities and be passionate about communicating our findings through oral and written channels.

Research Scientist / Senior Research Scientist at Neuronostics Limited (

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