Neuronostics awarded Epilepsy Positive Mark of Quality by Epilepsy Action


6th March 2024

Neuronostics have been awarded the highest status quality mark by Epilepsy Action following intensive staff training and evaluation by the charity.

Unveiled in November 2023, Epilepsy Action’s Mark of Quality shows that employers ensure colleagues with epilepsy work in a safe environment and understand how best to support them. Epilepsy Action’s training modules aimed at businesses cover three levels. The basic level is called Epilepsy Aware, the next step up is titled Epilepsy Confident and the final level, Epilepsy Positive, represents the highest standard.

The support for people with epilepsy in the workplace is crucial to improving the statistics around employment and epilepsy. Research shows that 40% of working-age people living with epilepsy are in work. Epilepsy Action believes that with the correct training and support of companies, this can be improved, however recent research carried out by the Charity showed that 42% of employers would be inclined not to hire someone with epilepsy for fear of challenges to their business, despite knowing this to be discrimination.

To achieve the highest-level Mark of Quality (Epilepsy Positive), the staff of Neuronostics undertook a rigorous training session with all staff completing basic epilepsy awareness training, all line managers completing a module on how to support staff with epilepsy, and the most senior staff completing an extended module on the legal requirements they must commit to in support of their staff under relevant legislation, as well as a comprehensive session on best practice in supporting staff with epilepsy.

Alison Fuller, Director of Health Improvement and Influencing, Epilepsy Action

“Epilepsy Action is delighted to see that Neuronostics have committed to our highest level of training to ensure that people with epilepsy who they interact with, be that as staff members, supporters, external colleagues, or other stakeholders can be assured that they have the knowledge and training they need to support people with epilepsy. This programme was put together to improve levels of knowledge of epilepsy in a workplace setting and Neuronostics have shown their commitment to driving change for those living with the condition by ensuring all their staff have that knowledge.”

John Terry, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Neuronostics

“We are delighted to receive this recognition from Epilepsy Action, it’s a great example of the long standing professional partnership we have with the charity. I’m proud that Neuronostics demonstrates our commitment to positive change for people living with epilepsy, not only through the innovative technologies we develop but also by ensuring we have a positive working environment within the company.”

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