Epilepsy diagnostic specialist Neuronostics Ltd, appoints Dr. Wes Woldman as Scientific Director.


Neuronostics, the developer of #BioEP, the revolutionary epilepsy assessment tool, announces the appointment of Dr. Wessel (Wes) Woldman as Scientific Director.  Dr. Woldman, will lead and manage application research and development of BioEP and will take responsibility for developing the clinical evidence establishing the validity, efficacy, robustness of #BioEP and translational potential of related research activities.  Dr. Woldman will combine his position at Neuronostics with his current role as Research Fellow at University of Exeter.

Commenting on his appointment, Dr Woldman said, “I have been involved with the academic development of BioEP over the last three years, so I am especially delighted now to have the opportunity to work with my commercial colleagues to productise the technology and put it into the hands of clinicians as soon as possible”.

Prof. John Terry, founder and Scientific Advisor to the company commented, “Wes is an outstanding early career researcher who has been instrumental in the development and clinical testing of the computational algorithms which underpin BioEP.  He will be a great asset to the company and its management team”.

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