Dr. Woldman presents to Birmingham Epilepsy Research Network


Wessel Woldman (our Scientific Director) delivered the opening lecture at the Birmingham Epilepsy Research Network meeting on Monday November 25th. The annual event, now in its 10th year, brings together clinicians, neurophysiologists, nurses and researchers from across the West Midlands to hear about the latest findings in epilepsy research, as well as to focus on ways of collaborating more effectively. Wessel’s talk focussed on the use of mathematical and computer algorithms for analysing the routinely collected data used in the diagnosis of epilepsy. The findings suggest that it is possible to reveal susceptibility to epilepsy and whether seizures are focal or generalised from recordings that would currently be considered clinically negative. These findings form the basis of Neuronostics’ ongoing clinical study, which has recently been adopted onto the NIHR portfolio. This makes it straightforward for epilepsy centres across the UK to collaborate and contribute data.

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