Funding secured to develop BioEP technologies


8 September 2020

Today, we can finally share the amazing news that we have been awarded a total of £870,000 of government funding to support two research projects to further develop our BioEP technology.

As part of the NIHR-funded AI in Health and Care Award, we have secured two separate grants:

The first award, of £720,000, will fund the development of our clinical platform – developing the software that will bring our BioEP technology safely and securely into the clinic. For this project, we’ll work closely with academic and clinical partners at the Universities of Birmingham and Exeter.

The second award, of £150,000, will fund the development of a smart-phone app, capable of receiving data from a wireless EEG headset. This app will allow people at home, or in remote locations, to record EEGs and generate a BioEP score using smartphone. You can find out more about the project in our short video featuring our co-founder Dr Wessel Woldman.

Both of these projects will be developed with people who have lived experience of epilepsy, and the medical teams involved in the support and treatment of the condition. If you, or someone you know, would like to get involved, please get in touch with us at to find out more.

Both of these projects build on the revolutionary BioEP technology – a biomarker of the susceptibility to seizures in the human brain – which is able to aid clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of people with suspected epilepsy without needing seizures to be observed.

Dr Rohit Shankar MBE, one of our co-applicants commented: “At present epilepsy is a condition that is challenging to diagnose and to treat. BioEP is an exciting technology that could rapidly and greatly advance diagnosis and management of seizures to improve overall patient outcomes. My team and I are looking forward to contributing to the clinical validation of this technology.”

“These awards will help deliver an important milestone for the company and the BioEP technology, moving it closer to the point where it can directly benefit healthcare outcomes.  Neuronostics is an excellent example of how the University translates its AI research into real world solutions by investing in entrepreneurial academics and their ideas.”

We’re really excited to begin both these projects, and encourage anyone interested in becoming involved to get in touch!

Acknowledgement: This funding forms part of the NHS Artificial Intelligence Lab and the award is managed by the Accelerated Access Collaborative in partnership with NHSX and NIHR.

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