Remote EEG Reading to accelerate your research

Bottlenecks in research due to limited interpretation resources happen all the time, but they don’t have to. Our NHS qualified neurophysiologists can read your data, and rapidly provide you with clinical reports and annotated EEGs to accelerate your research.

Our process

1. Agree reporting requirements with our clinical team

We start by conducting an initial joint consultation with your research team and our Neuronostics Clinical Team where we seek to understand your goals and set the criteria for your reporting requirements.

2. Transfer your EEG data securely to us

Once the reporting requirements are clear, your EEG data is transferred to us through one of our secure channels. Neuronostics maintains a robust,  ISO13458 compliant QMS system that ensures your research data is always safe and secure.

3. Our NHS qualified neurophysiologists analyse your data

Once received, our in-house team of neurophysiologists will rapidly analyse your data, leaning on their many years of clinical practice in the NHS to ensure gold standard clinical interpretation.

4. We send your annotated EEGs back to you

Once complete, we will neatly package all your annotated EEGs and accompanying Clinical Reports and send them back to you through one our secure channels.

Contact us to enquire about how Neuronostics can accelerate your research.

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What healthcare providers are saying about BioEP

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“BioEP offers the possibility to change clinical practice, greatly improving the role of EEG both as a diagnostic and also as a predictive tool”
Prof Matthew Walker (UCLH, London)
& Chair of Trustees Epilepsy Research UK)
"As the leading supplier of EEG machines for routine EEG and longer-term monitoring, BioEP fits well with our product range and business approach”
Mark Rizk
Global Business Manager, Nihon Kohden
“Companion diagnostics that enable us to identify the target patient group, particularly in the context of focal epilepsy is very interesting”
Natalie Mestdaugh
Associate Director, UCB Pharma