We are Neuronostics

Neuronostics was established in 2018 and is focussed on developing clinical decision support tools and at home monitoring devices for people with suspected neurological conditions. Our first product – #BioEP – is a revolutionary, patented biomarker of the susceptibility to seizures in the human brain, informed by clinical EEG recordings.

Funded by Innovate UK, and in partnership with the University of Birmingham, we are currently developing a prototype clinical decision support tool, powered by #BioEP. We are validating the efficacy of #BioEP as a diagnostic and prognostic marker of epilepsy in partnership with 15 NHS Trusts and 4 global neurology centres.

Neuronostics was co-founded by Professor John Terry (Director of the Centre for Systems Modelling and Quantitative Biomedicine) and Dr Wessel Woldman (Epilepsy Research UK Emerging Leader Fellow). Their research is focused on the development and application of mathematical and computational methodologies for understanding the dynamics of biomedical systems, with particular interests in the transitions between healthy and unhealthy states in the human brain.

Neuronostics actively collaborates in the development of its products and services. It encourages enquiries from pharmaceutical companies, EEG hardware and software companies and the manufacturers of electrode caps, who would like to discuss partnership opportunity with Neuronostics in the development of companion diagnostic/prognostic tools or potentially incorporating the technology in their own EEG hardware or software products. Neuronostics further encourages people with lived experience of neurological conditions, as well as medical professionals, to reach out and ensure that our products serve the needs of its user community.