Revolutionising diagnosis and prognosis of neurological conditions

Neuronostics’ mission is to revolutionise the way neurological conditions are diagnosed, treated, and monitored. We use the power of mathematical modelling to develop novel digital biomarkers that create faster paths to diagnosis and effective treatment response.

A short introduction to Neuronostics

In 2012, founders Wes and John first started research together into mathematical analysis of EEG signals. Building on an invention of John’s published that year, they jointly published the methodology underpinning BioEP, a new digital biomarker for epilepsy, 4 year later. In 2018 Neuronostics was launched from the University of Exeter to realise Wes and John’s vision for revolutionising diagnosis and prognosis of neurological conditions using mathematical models and computer algorithms.

We have achieved year-on-year growth of our team and we continue to pursue research and development of new technology, with a goal to improve the lives of people with neurological conditions around the world.


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Our History

For over a decade, we have been developing the technology behind novel digital biomarkers of neurological conditions, however we didn’t even have a name back then. Since then, a lot has happened. Here is a history of our significant moments and achievements.

Patent application filed for BioEP
Founders John and Wes embark on Innovate UK funded ICURe programme
Epilepsy Foundation Sharktank Finalist
Awarded £500k from Innovate UK Health and Life Science Fund
Neuronostics is spun out of the University of Exeter
Successful BioEP Phase I trial
Neuronostics is awarded Medilink South West Tech Start-Up of the Year
Awarded £870k from NIHR AI in Health and Care program
Neuronostics is awarded Medilink National Start-Up of the Year
Neuronostics receives Tech South West HealthTech award
Complete oversubscribed pre seed investment round
Nature SpinOff Award finalist
BioEP class I CE marked
Neuronostics is accepted onto the SetSquared incubator program
We move into our first offices at the Engine Shed Bristol
Awarded Most Innovative Use of Tech at the Tech Spark’s SPARKies Awards
Teams grows to 11
First UK revenue from our EEG remote reading service
Successful completion of BioEP phase II trial
medilink uk
Won Medilink South West Advances in Digital Health Award
Seed round investment fund raise to be completed
Launch pilot studies to assess efficacy of BioEP for diagnostic support
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Meet the Neuronostics team

We are a diverse team, motivated to improve the lives of people affected by neurological conditions. Our academic founders, supported by our scientific team, are instrumental in driving the discovery and robust validation of our novel biomarkers which underpin our technology. We have expertise in mathematical modelling, clinical practice and clinical research, technology development, innovation and commercial translation. 

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